We provide electricity and natural gas plans to residential and commercial customers that can provide cost protection, savings, and environmental opportunities. The planetarium offers integrated energy solutions that help customers purchase, manage, and use energy, from purchasing electricity and natural gas to renewable production and maintenance.


The leading electronics services company provides competitive power supply, renewable energy, promoting services, and cost-effective power solutions to regional and international customers. Under Energy Wise Solutions’ power plans, homeowners and small businesses can choose between discounted plans, different pricing plans, or clean power systems that can be upgraded.

Gas & Electric

Every day across United Kingdom, more than One million residential, business and consumer consumers turn to Direct Energy for natural gas and natural gas, home electric services, energy solutions and more. We are the largest competitor retailer of power and affiliate services in United Kingdom. Our electronic plans are tailored to suit your needs, giving you more control over your monthly budget.


Modern business mobile systems should include integrated communication and mid-range benefits to enable customer satisfaction. Energy Wise is here to help you navigate and make the right decision for your business.
It is a minefield of organizations that think of a new or replacement mobile phone business – at the bottom of the page you will find a section that explains the meaning of commonly used phone terms, and more importantly, the benefits they bring to your business.


Energy Wise offers the ability to seamlessly supply compressed water to a wide range of locations, from single stores or buildings (for example, nursing homes) to all living quarters, factories, or homes. It can also be used to increase low-pressure areas.

The ability to maintain delivery directly to damaged buildings means that they are not really “lost minutes” during the event. Our Units can be configured allowing systems to be customized to handle a wide range of flow and volume requirements.

Business Energy Comparison, With Human Experts

There is an art to negotiating contracts and our seasoned industry professionals can do it better than most.